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Day May 27, 2013

The New Social Shopping



There is another tidal wave of “Social” that is about to hit Ecommerce, digital marketing and the budget of client/agency campaigns.It’s the social that is more likely to have an immediate effect on bottom line for companies. It will inform how companies purchasing and partnering is chosen. Plus, in marketing, you don’t have to win the buyer’s heart. But, you may find yourself your budget is diverted to winning back the buyer’s heart.

The social I am speaking of is “Social Awareness”. Seems like a small population, “the bumper sticker crowd”, cling on to awareness issues  like genetically modified foods, corporations who  fund millions upon millions of dollars into the politics (due to the Supreme Court’s 2008 ruling on Citizens United)

The app “Buycott” allows you to scan your supermarket items and find out who you and what you are actually buying. Are you a liberal giving your money to The Koch Brothers? Are you eating all natural, but your brand of soymilk was sourced through Monsanto? Now you can EASILY vote with your wallet on brands, subsudieries, and sourcing.

Good information, now what to do with it: This is on the horizon of marketing, but it can either be something you ignore, I would call that gambling.

Here are some of the biggest social awareness issues facing the US:

  • Environmentalism
  • Economy (US)
  • Economy (Global)
  • Health
  • Politics and Corporations
  • Crime
  • Ethics
  • Ethnic divides

These are large complex themes from which the vast majority of today’s social awareness comes from. If you can think of a social issue that is in the mainstream, it probably fits in here.

Or you can consider how social awareness can be used to your benefits.  Here are some scenerios:

  • Switching power — Would your current customer go to another store if they walked in to a store only to find your competitor?. Is there something you can highlight in your marketing that would be not just a functional benefit, but a social awareness benefit also?
  • Insights — Besides the communities you work in, is there an audience that uses your products, that also have pet social awareness campaigns?