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Day October 1, 2012

Google’s Zero Moment of Truth

Two years ago at a Google B2B conference, located at the mothership campus in Mountain View, CA, I was introduced to Google’s theory on the “Zero Moment of Truth” (ZMOT).  ZMOT is derived from Proctor & Gamble’s First Moment of Truth” , which says in-store shoppers make up their mind on a brand purchase within seven seconds. ZMOT refers to the new shopping reality of shoppers researching their needs ahead of eyeing a product solution. At that magic moment when the shopper sees the solution of their dreams, that is the Zero Moment of Truth.  This is why e-commerce shopping completely different than in-store purchasing.  The amount of research tools located simply by search engines, (not mention social media, email marketing, online ads, and all other traditional marketing) means the consumer has more tools at their disposal then ever.  And as the economy continues its long, hard slog to recovery, people are online researching how to make the most of their budgets, Finally, with social and review tools, the user is then empowered to spread that message to hundreds, if not thousands of people, I can’t say this loud enough: You must be visible, relevant and looking your best at the Zero Moment of Truth!









Here are some considerations to make sure you are visible, relevant and good-looking when it counts!

  • Mixing SEO with CPC -  If you are in a crowded group of contenders and not at the top of Google, you may want to consider an Adwords CPC campaign.  If you go that route you must follow closely and utilize all of the tools available to you; like negative keywords and off-peak hours timing. Also, always have a conversion goal to measure.
  • Social Media  — I know you are all sick of hearing about social media, but think of it as an individual soapbox that your new converts can utilize. Help facilitate getting that message out when someone converts to your product.  Let them share their new prideful purchase with the world!
  • Reviews — If you are a manufacturer, and don’t sell via your site, you still need reviews.  This is modern-day word of mouth, and people trust reviews just the same. So what if your product/service has a problem at some point? If there is a problem, it is your transparency and ability to overcome that obstacle that will go far with customers.
  • Syndicating data — Most suppliers go through sales channels, and regardless of your customer’s channel, they probably are selling online.  They need data with integrity, correct up-to-date images, and relevant helps with promos, keywords and and any other ways you can digitally streamline your brand.

What do you think about the Zero Moment of Truth?  Have you put much thought into this?  Do you think it may be overblown?  Do you think this is common sense?  I want to know. — max


Learn more at: www.zeromomentoftruth.com