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Day September 19, 2012

Interactive Infographics in Business

Recently my love of infographics and the need to tell a more compelling marketing story finally collided in my brain this past week, and what a thud it was! I can’t believe it took me this long to realize just how valuable an interactive infographic could be for our products.  Our products are a step up from our competition in features, durability, human engineering (ergonomics) and value.  This justifies the price that is paid in the marketplace.  In an economy such as ours, telling the story of why we do what we do, and why it justifies a purchase is paramount.  This keeps your brand promise alive and well.  As I searched for some examples of who did this well, I came across FedEx.

Here is their new interactive environment:

Here is what FedEx says about it:

“At, visitors can interact through a world map with data and content provided by The Economist Intelligence Unit on eight world trends initially, including air travel, people in cities, entrepreneurs and success, paper trail, business growth, education, money and happiness, and research and development.  Visitors also have an opportunity to analyze the data, share information, or participate in real-time, online polls.…

“At FedEx, we pride ourselves on our ability to offer great customer experiences,” said Malcolm Sullivan, vice president, Marketing, FedEx Express Asia Pacific.

My big takeaways from their fantastic piece of work is the following:

  • Data visualization can be more impactful when it is interactive
  • This isn’t just a stand alone marketing campaign, this is a complete change in how they interface with customers
  • They let it be known that why they do what they do, is just as important as what they do.
  • This is truly focused for a global marketplace
  • The technology improves business functions.

So what are your take-aways?  I want to know what you think.