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Day July 7, 2012

Product Configurators — Do you really need that much help?

Recently, my life has been focused on a re-build of my company’s current website.  We have over 6,000 products, so we need a way to creatively get users through the funnel.  We have been pushing our agency to give us product configurator ideas.  Simply put, a product configurator will allow a user to parse their database through a series of questions and will lead to the best possible solution for their needs.  It streamlines decisions.  That is a good thing.  But, before just assuming a configurator is the right solution for your website, I think a few things have to be taken into account.


1) Is your data really up to snuff? - If a user takes the time to go through a set of questions, and ends up with something that is less than desirable, then you just lost.

2) What are your Analytics telling you? -  Are you dropping users through the conversion funnel?  If so, a configurator could be a great way to stop the losses, always consult your data first.

3) Are you staffed to manage the upkeep? — Like all marketing tools, this is one that needs to be launched and loved, you will add new products, you will obsolete products.  Have a plan to manage this.

4) Are you gaining weight? — If the configurator will provide multiple solutions, you will want to be able to weight these to lead to not only the best solution, but the solution that best impacts your sales.  Maybe it is weighting a newer, better product, or maybe even one that is simply better for the bottom line.

What do you think, do you like product configurators?

- max


This is a link to www.Lowes.com, as they are advertising their new appliance selector tool. Would you use this tool yourself?